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Guests Segmentation

The key to success in your company is to segment your guests based on their needs. Use AI and machine learning to identify those micro-segments. This will allow you to target their specific needs and preferences to ensure that the right services and products are being marketed to the right people.

Pricing Reccomendation

To achieve this best balance between profitability and bookings availability AI and machine learning can help you determine the different interests, attractive pricing and discounts.

Social Listening

Use the latest tech stack and text analytics (Natural Language Processing – NLP) to extract positive, negative and shifting sentiments. Get ahead of your guests’ issues.

Predictive Analysis

Our analytics solutions will process real-time data, historical records, and also the weather information. On-the-spot computation will help in the revelation of hidden patterns, which can help the transport industry deduce useful insights on other possibilities that can cause delays, cancellations, or malfunctions that might occur. This data can be forwarded to passengers, which can help them plan their schedule accordingly resulting in a smoother experience.

Data Visualization & BI

How do you make sense of it all? Our BI team and UI/UX designers will ensure to provide you with access to your numbers, metrics and machine learning outputs on the spot whether on your desktop, mobile or tablet at home, in the office or during a meeting. You will be exposed to visualizations such as customer retention, satisfaction, average cancellations and many more. All going hand in hand to transforming your organization to a more sustainable cohesive unit

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