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Anomaly Detection

Apply the most advanced machine learning algorithms to detect normal and fraudulent activities. Our team will help you define the anomalies that can arise from production, consumption, or transmission in near real time, and then develop suitable solutions.

Power Production

Our Services span the power production industry from generation, distribution, and transmission. Our AI and analytics solutions can aid in determining optimal times for the maintenance of systems. In addition, our services will improve your forecasts by evaluating systematically the vast amount of data in power production, such as weather data or historical data. This helps minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Predictive Analytics

Make fast and better data-driven decisions by using the valuable insight that different predictive models can provide you. Predictive analytics will use your historical data to gather meaningful insights. Our Predictive analytics can provide you with information about client’s preferences when using appliances and the time of usage. In addition, our analytics can help you predict the amount of power, or energy needed to be generated in the following months or even years.

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